Pain due to nerve damage relieved

Melanie -

Posted 2011-11-27

I had a traumatic child birth 3 years ago that included the tailbone as well as complete pelvic floor dysfunction. All I could do was lay down to be pain free. It hurt to stand, walk and sit. I could only hold my baby for 5 minutes (even as a newborn) before having low back pain and then needing to put him down.

Two years went by and I tried everything and did everything any doctor or PT told me to do or try. I sat on ice to go to PT an hour away and I got out of the car and stretched every 15 minutes. I also took pain killers (although not to the extent of some on this group, thankfully, I guess I didn't need it.)

My uro-gynocologyist, Dr. Alan Garely at Mt. Sinai in New York was very empathetic and kept trying to help me, but to a limited degree. Then one day he's on a plane sitting next to another doctor, Dr. Denise Burns (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New York). She tells him what she does and that's the beginning. Well, I actually got a call FROM MY DOCTOR to tell me about Dr. Burns and to go and see her. After 2 years, that was a first!!!!

She is a musculoskeletal doctor. I started to see her in November of 2010, almost one year ago. At that time, after much PT, I was able to stand and walk, but not sit. I was back to work full time as a teacher, and standing 8 hours a day to teach and grade and plan, etc. After the first visit, I could sit for 30 minutes!!!! And she has slowly lengthened the amount of time I could sit and actually had to give me stretches and exercises to teach my body how to sit again.

So, it's hard to describe what she does exactly. She listens to the nerves and feels where they are blocks and unblocks them so that they can send messages again. She also had a machine that's hooked to a computer that she uses to aid in this process. It's being FDA approved at this time, so there is no information out there about it or even a name I can provide yet.

I started seeing her 2 times a week, then once a week, then once every 2 weeks, then every month, etc... Now I see her once a month. She is extremely empathetic and very intelligent. All of her patients are the most "difficult" cases that other doctors have referred to her, and she always solves the case and helps the patient. Her stories are amazing! She honestly cares and will help you!

Until I met her, I didn't realize that all of my pain was from my nerve damage. Nobody else figured that one out. I should mention that I also had 2 injections by Dr Foye (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New Jersey) as well, with her approval, which I'm sure sped up the process and aided in what she did.

I am now able to sit normally with no "car cush" for any length of time pain free!

Good luck!


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