Horrendous coccyx pain

Nicole - Nicole_levy1@hotmail.com

Posted 2011-08-28

My coccyx pain started for no apparent reason whilst sitting at work 3 years ago. After the pain getting worse over the period of a week – it has never gone away. It only hurts when I'm sitting down or getting up from sitting down but it's really affecting me physically and mentally now. I'm only 24 and can't live a normal life.

I've so far spent £1000's on seeing various specialists and no luck so far in curing it.

The difference I seem to have with everyone else – is that if I put my fingers on the tip of my coccyx (externally obviously!), I can move something around and that is what is causing me the pain. It feels like tiny balls or fragments of something on the right side of the tip. I tell everyone this but they just seem to ignore me and I want to know what is moving and get it taken out!!!!

The MRI I had last week (finally after 3 years) has shown nothing….as something I thought I may have is a coccygeal glomus (hence what I can feel)….so I am now completely at a loss with who can help me.

I feel like I need an invasive surgery for someone to literally open me up and see what the moving bits are and just take them out – because the actual bone seems fine!!!

Does anyone else have bits moving around – and if so please do get in touch so that I can try and find out whats wrong with me. I really cant take this anymore L

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