I feel like I'm going mad and feel like it's only me in this situation

Louise - louisetibbetts26@yahoo.co.uk

Posted 2011-02-27

My name is Louise Tibbetts, I'm 20 years old and in October 2010 I slipped on a ramp after emptying a wheel barrow, I landed directly on my coccyx and after suffering for the rest of the day I went to A&E. After waiting for 5 hours to be seen by a doctor he said It is likely to be a coccyx fracture and prescribed me codeine to relive the pain. I was signed off work by my doctor and as a result lost my job after 3 weeks of been signed off, believe me this doesn't help your state of mind!

After two months I was beginning to get annoyed that it didn't seem to be healing and I expressed this to my doctor, I explained I was in a lot of pain and nothing was giving me comfort and I was becoming more and more reliant on the codeine, she explained it could take up to 3 months and it is very much a waiting game.

Well, three months have been a gone and after the 4th pushing 5th month, I got so fed up I went to my doctor again and explained my distress and the pain wasn't getting better, she referred me for an MRI Scan and left it at that. Still in pain I went back two weeks after in a huge amount of distress, explaining I was in immense pain and completely fed up! She suggested I needed a broader spectrum pain relief and suggested I take 8 paracetamol, 4 ibuprofen and 2 codeine a DAY!! I was fearful to take this many and tried it for a week and felt terrible and yet this didn't relieve my pain, I'm now on 2-4 codeine a day and very reliant on it, its dulls the pain rather than cures it, I feel like I'm going mad and feel like it's only me in this situation. I've now had my MRI Scan and now waiting to hear what's the next steps, I cant sit down for any length of time, I can't drive more than 10 mins and struggle to sleep this cant be normal and my doctor is less than sympathetic.

I would appreciate any advice or what anyone thinks I should do next.


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