Hypermobile coccyx and my treatment

Karen - kkowala@comcast.net

Posted 2011-02-06

In March of 2008 I was in a bike road race. On a hill portion of the race, I got out of the saddle and was starting to climb when I got struck from behind by another cyclist's front wheel. The impact knocked her over and caused me to slam down on the tip of my bike seat . I managed to pull myself up with out falling, but the pain at the time was intense. Adrenaline took over and I finished the rest of the race. I was sore afterwards, but not too bad. I understood I had bruised my tailbone and it would take a week or two for the pain to go away. Instead I was unable to sit on my bike for an entire year! In 2008 and 2009 I saw multiple physical therapists, 5 chiropractors, countless different doctors, massage therapists and read everything about coccyxs, to include every story on this coccyx page. 6 months post my bike accident I was in chronic pain and often felt like I had a knife in my butt. I went from being a competitive athlete to struggling to walk around the block. I had the injections which only made it worse.

In the summer of 2009 I ran into a biking friend who recommended Beth Lyndon-Griffith, a physical therapist in Seattle. In spring of 2010 I was back competing on my bike. I have a hypermobile cocyxx and had an unstable pelvis. She had me to do a series of exercises that I did everynight for months. These exercises combined with seeing her friend Caroline (PT), who does internal work, and getting orthotics (from another PT in Bellevue) were the three main keys to my success. It was a slow progress and I would often have setbacks. When I would have the pain (usually post exercise) I would alleviate it in two ways; muscle relaxer and sacrum belt. This would stop the muscle from spasming.

I have been wanting to share my story for awhile as I know how I would read every story looking for an answer. I will never forget the intense pain that would wake me up at night and the huge impact the pain had on my family and job.


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