Pregnant with tail bone pain :(

Brittani -

Posted 2011-10-30

Hi I'm Brittani. I'm 21. About four weeks into my pregnancy I started to have really bad tail bone pain. The only explanation I could think of was a car accident I had been in a few days prior. It was nothing serious, just a little fender bender for me. I did not think that could be it though.

Well I could not get x-rays due to being pregnant. So as months went on and so did the pounds (weight) the pain was so bad could not sit for even short periods of time without pain and getting up from a seated position, oh my what a painful challenge. My husband helped me thank the Lord. So sixty pounds and nine months later had the baby.

Waited to see if pain would go away. No, unfortunately it did not. Not as painful as before but bad enough to not want to sit for long. Baby is now ten months and I finally had enough and went to see doc. And it looks as though I have a little more curve to my tail bone than normal. So I have a doctors appointment in Jacksonville, FL at memorial Neuroscience center, on November 16th. I'll give you the updates.

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