Possible cure - Pawpaw (Papaya) cream

Robyn - rbuc1284@bigpond.net.au

Posted 2011-04-10

I'm a 51 year old female, living in Australia. I've been reading with interest other people's stories about coccyx pain, so I thought I would add my experience, and how (hopefully) I have found a cure [but see Robyn's later posting].

My problem started around October 2010 (roughly 6 months ago at time of writing). At first I thought I had just been sitting at the computer for too long, and assumed that the pain would go away after a day or two. Unfortunately it didn't, and it actually seemed to get worse.

After a couple of weeks I spoke to my doctor, who ordered some x-rays. They showed nothing. She asked all the usual questions like "have you fallen", "have you sat down hard on something", "have you been pregnant". All the answers were "no". There appeared to be no reason for the pain. Basically, I was just given a shrug of the shoulders and a "it will probably get better eventually" and that was it.

After another few weeks of no improvement, I spoke to another doctor who also couldn't give a reason or a solution, but suggested that I see a physiotherapist. This was also a waste of time and money. She gave me some pelvic exercises to do which did nothing to help, and in fact possibly made the pain worse. The therapist also said "it will probably get better eventually". After a few visits to her I gave up on that too.

I'm a very active person, and I'm used to exercising and gym work, so if I felt exercise was the solution there would be no problem with me committing to it, but I didn't believe it was the answer. I tried a coccyx cushion which sometimes helped to momentarily alleviate the pain, but not always. Mostly I felt it just made my legs ache. However, it did nothing to actually "cure" the problem, and a cure was what I wanted. I didn't just want something that would make living with the pain a bit easier. I wanted the pain gone - totally. Even bending over and lying on my back was uncomfortable, and I started to consider other options like acupuncture etc, but I hadn't really read anything that made me feel that this would offer a solution either.

I was getting very depressed about how long I was going to have to put up with the pain, and depressed that no one seemed to have a solution, or even took it that seriously. Obviously these were people who had never suffered from this kind of pain. I read some awful stories from people who'd had similar pain for 30 years, and being only 51, I was horrified that I might have to live with it for the rest of my life!!

Anyway, just a few days ago I was watching something on TV about the miracles of pawpaws (papaya) and how this man was trying to market this new pawpaw cream which he'd had marvellous results with, using it on all sorts of pain and lesions. I had a small tube of pawpaw cream in the cupboard. It wasn't the same type that he was marketing, but I thought I would give it a try anyway.

I put a small amount on the coccyx area and massaged it in well. The pain was very intense at first, but I noticed that it seemed to lessen after about a minute of massage. I thought to myself "surely it can't be that easy". The next day I didn't use the coccyx cushion and I was very conscious of how I sat at my computer. I put my buttocks right back into the seat and slightly arched my back so that my tailbone was elevated and not receiving any pressure at all. By the end of the day I had practically no pain whatsoever in that region. That night I did the same thing a little cream and a massage for about a minute. There was hardly any pain at all this time. I could still feel some tenderness if I pressed hard on the end of the bone, but nothing compared to what it had been the night before.

This me brings to today. I am still being very conscious of how I'm sitting at the computer, but there has been a dramatic reduction in the pain, and I can sit normally (without arching my back) and not feel any pain at all. Tonight I did the massage thing again and there was practically no pain at all. If I press hard on the bone there is a small amount of tenderness, but that could be a normal reaction to pressure anyway. Overall I would say that the pain has been reduced by at least 90%. It is now at a level where, if it gets no better, I can easily live with it.

Now I hasten to add, all this could be coincidental. Maybe all the "it will get better eventually's" has come true and it was going to get better all on its own anyway. It could also be the massaging, or it could be the way I have started sitting at the computer. It could also be that I've given up on the coccyx cushion and the pelvic exercises (which seemed to be aggravating the problem) or maybe, just maybe, it's the pawpaw cream. I don't know. I also don't know if it will continue to get better or if all this is just a false hope and I will relapse tomorrow.

Anyway, I will give you an update in a little while to let you know if I have continued to improve. Good luck everyone "may the pain NOT be with you"..

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