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Robyn -

Posted 2011-11-13

In April 2011 I posted about how I thought I might have found a solution to my coccyx pain by massaging paw paw (papaya) cream into the area. Well, that didn't pan out as the solution I hoped for, so I thought I would make a whole new post to bring you up to date on what's been happening.

I'm a 52 year old female, from Brisbane Australia, and I've been suffering from coccyx pain since around October 2010. I went through all the usual things of talking to my doctor, having an x-ray of the coccyx taken, answering all the questions about how it might have started (no idea), using coccyx cushions, but nothing and no one helped.

I went to one of the therapists recommended on this site, and after about 2 months of twice weekly treatments, I was left feeling depressed because my pain was still there. At first I felt that there had been a slight improvement from all the treatments (and money spent), but I think that was wishful thinking. I also found this therapist to be very expensive, much more so than any other I have ever been too. He said he got a lot of referrals from this website, so he obviously thought that justified his unusually high charges. However, he has obviously helped other people because he has been recommended by other posters on this site. He just didn't help me.

Recently I was talking to a friend whose husband has regular treatments at a chiropractor. I had thought about trying a chiropractor, but there are so many around who seem a bit unethical, and who sometimes cause more problems than you started with, that I was reluctant to give it a go. However, seeing as I was getting a recommendation from a friend I thought I would give it a try.

She ordered an extensive number of x-rays of my complete spinal area from neck to butt, which had never been suggested before. She found that my pelvis was slightly tilted, my spine is curved to the right (even my untrained eye could see that in the x-rays), I have numerous subluxations (bones of the spine that have moved out of position creating pressure), and one leg is slightly shorter than the other. It was recommended that I have twice weekly adjustments for the first few weeks and then, depending on how things are going, once a week until the problem is better. She also recommended regular "maintenance" adjustments roughly every month or so, depending on what I feel I need.

To date I have had four adjustments done, and already I can feel an improvement. It is by no means "better", but I have much less pain when I stand up from sitting, and the actual sitting is pain-free. I still have some pain when I actually press on the coccyx or when I recline back, but considering I have only had a few treatments, I'm very pleased with the results so far. For the first time in over a year I can actually see some light at the end of the tunnel. It will just take a bit more time.

I'm quite impressed with this chiropractic clinic because I feel they have been very honest and ethical and have not attempted to "over-service" or lock me into some kind of contract, as some of them do. On my last visit, I saw a different doctor and he said that, in his experience, this problem is usually "structural" as opposed to "muscular" which is what the therapist was treating. So there is no wonder that I got no real relief after spending so much money. The chiropractor is considerably cheaper as well. Each visit has cost me about a third of what I was paying to the therapist.

So, if you can find a good chiropractor, especially if someone can recommend one to you, I would give it a try. If you live in the southern Brisbane area, the clinic I went to is the Browns Plains Chiropractic Centre (see Doctors and specialists in Australia). Initially I saw Dr Bree Weber, but at my last visit I saw Dr Russell Brady. He is my preferred practitioner for future treatments, but Dr Weber is just a competent and has done the majority of my treatments so far.

All the best


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