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Ian, UK - Update - My surgery

Mary-Anne - Update - Post-Coccygectomy Success Story!!!!!!

Jon Miles - Update - Outer ear pain related to coccyx pain

Gary - Update - Spinal cord stimulator implant

Amanda - Update - Endometriosis or scoliosis relationship to tailbone pain? - now had surgery

Lori - Update - Just had surgery

Susan - Update - Broken shoe caused a fall downstairs

Anonymous - Update - We all heard my tailbone crack during childbirth

Madams - Update - Severe coccyx pain

Andy Strange - Update - Boil on the coccyx

Diane Kramer - Update - They told me this was all in my head

Michelle - Update - Decided to jump right to the surgery

Marie - Update - Pregnancy and coccyx pain

Anne - Update - Frustrated with testing

Sue Buckley - Update - A real pain in the . . . .

Jamie - Update - Puzzling x-ray

Linda Terry - Update - I'm ready to get rid of it!!!!!!!!!

Nicole - Update - I am terrified of having surgery . . . . now had it, a complete success!

Les - Update - Coccyx woes in Aviano, Italy

Trudy - My history of tailbone pain and surgery

Ronda - Change in weather causes severe pain

Alison E Beach - A new sufferer writes for support and ideas......

Rayne - Update - Very long tailbone

Kristen Beinlich - Tailbone removed November 5th

Karen - Coccyx does not show on x-ray at all

Chandler - Bike ride started the pain

Anonymous - Pain and bump in coccyx area

Anonymous - Coccyx pain slowly got better after treatment by a chiropractor

Jen - Burning and numbing feeling after surgery

Anonymous - Finally some relief!

Lesley Fulton - Update - Still waiting and getting frustrated

Judy - Tail bone pain and Crohn's disease

Carole S - Drugs and physical therapy don't help me, doctor advises against cortisone

Martin Sheets - Anyone with experience of Prolotherapy?

Christy - Update - Injections helped, but not enough, so now had surgery

Barbara - No relief in sight!

Anonymous - Arthritis of the coccyx treated with steroid injections

Karen - Coccyx removed, but pain was caused by Tarlov's cyst

Henrietta - Any after-effects besides pain after surgery?

Gina Parnell - Update - A continuous battle

David - Pain came on after back strain

Anonymous - Caudal epidural injection caused coccydynia

Ally - Update - Just had my tailbone removed 19 August 2002

Debbie - Tired of suffering from tailbone pain

Kat L - Fractured sacrum & T10 vertebra

Paul - Doctors in the Netherlands?

Lucinda - Tumor behind tailbone

Irina - Shots helped until one went wrong

Annette Haas - Update - Tailbone pains in Denmark ;(((

Amber - Pregnant with tailbone pain and sciatica

Tandra - Dislocated coccyx removed

Julie - To all tailbone ailers

Elizabeth "Betsy" S. - Magic sneeze

Mike Rutland - Thanks!

Jim MacKay - Shoulder pain

Ian Hobson - My injections

Amanda - Jumping into water caused tailbone pain

Silvana Sdao - Looking for Dr. Lithwick or his patients

Bob Knetl - Update - Neurontin and Sarapin relieved pain

Anonymous - Tailbone injured in water - complete recovery

Margaret Bennett - Estradiol relieves coccyx pain around menstrual period

Anonymous - Prolotherapy at NMS solutions

Alan - Update - What else? Tailbone pain!

Heather - Update - Pain returned after training for duathlon - now had surgery

Judy Grant - Coccyx is a sore point!

Judy Isaacson - Yoga for back and coccyx pain

Jenny - Tailbone HURTS!

Jennifer Kuykendall - Still waiting for relief

Anonymous - Update - Frustrating tailbone pain

Aimee - Coccyx pain and surrounding muscle spasms

Gail - Coccyx removed 5 weeks ago

Anonymous - Sore tail bone started with a shoulder injury

Susan Seago - Oyster shell supplement causing tailbone pain?

Kim - No injury, but very painful going from sitting to standing

Gina - Coccyx broken twice

Anonymous - Ice hockey injury

Marilyn Dyck - Tuina massage therapy

Glynda Wells - Should I try manipulation or go ahead with surgery?

Craig Banks - Manipulation by chiropractor stopped the pain

Carole - Going to have injection

Mary - Had surgery in 1997...still in pain....but holding on to hope....

Martin - Update - Injections with manipulation - piriformis syndrome?

Laurie Teplitski - I have not sat down for the past year

Kristi - Surgery provided some relief, but still have pain

Kathy Ovide - Had coccyx removed - great results!

Cathy - Update - Tailbone pain, doctors stumped

Anna - Coccyx relief office chairs

Wanda - Just started having pain

Tonya Owen - Coccydynia with leg pain and weakness

Kim - Coccyx fused and angled upwards

Ayishah Williams - Coccyx pain and pregnancy

Tamela - Had surgery - tailbone was barely attached

Anonymous - Coccyx pain caused by stress

Mercedes de Miguel - A good night's sleep

Judy Royle - Update - Pregnancy stopped the pain

Anonymous - Slipped getting onto a stationary bike

Anna - Coccyx attacks

Amy - Four months pregnant

Abdulla Almorran - Coccyx pain much better after cupping

Scott - Treating coccyx injury with acupuncture?

Ericka Walker - I really don't know if this is the case with me or not, but...

Stef - Update - Tailbone pain and lump

Dawn - Pain with no injury

Kate - Tailbone removed 17 years ago - worth it, but pain now getting bad again

Anonymous - I did it on my HealthRider!

Samantha - Injection caused more problems!

Nana - Update - Impending surgery - now had it

Gracie - Need to find a professional

Cathy - Strange complications/infections since surgery

Dominique Bazin - Coccyx removed in Paris

Jim M - Coccydynia after laminectomy

Jeff - Coccyx surgery

Emily - Dana, we're in the same boat!

Debbie - Can't sit

Connie - Riding a bike 6 months after surgery

Amy - Injury 12 years ago

Pat - Help wanted and needed

Marcel - Long term pain in coccyx, awaiting surgery

Iris Peakman - Coccyx trouble or tarlov cyst?

Cynthia - Update - Started after miscarriage. Seen 18 doctors, finally had coccyx removed

Barbara - Finding a surgeon who has a clue!

M O'Brien - Any link between coccyx injuries and IBS?

Michael K - Sacro-coccygeal pain

Jane - Acute pain when standing up after sitting

Mary - Coccygectomy solved one problem but created another

Hantzel - Lacrosse injury

brstotts - Acupuncture helped eventually

Sue Thompson - How I help my Coccydinia pain

Marie - Sixth lumbar vertebra

Jean - Painful coccyx bone

Frederick Darrah - Update - It's TENSION, folks

Christina - Childbirth and broken tailbone

Misty - Update - Mystery pain was caused by a broken tail bone

Dana - Rear-ending caused coccyx pain, had surgery

Dan - Lump around the tailbone

Bev - Tailbone pain from Tarlov cysts

Bettina - Childbirth after coccygectomy

Barbara - Low back pain

Anonymous - Sitting comfortably

Stephanie Spresser - Pain in the a*!#$

Lloyd - 12 year old with pain

Karen - Bowen Technique, Anybody helped by acupuncture or injections?

Charlotte A. Jagneaux - Searching for a treatment

Melissa Schlee - Update - Frustrated with tail bone pain !!

Geri - Anything I should do other than walking?

Alex - Activator treatment, Ossatron

Tina Nakai - Looking for a good doc in Los Angeles-South Bay area

Lisa Marie Andres - A long-term solution for a sore tailbone that worked great for me!

Leonie - Sharing is helpful

Jeff - Unusual symptoms?

Anonymous - Hypericum for pain

Anne - Physician in Seattle area

Glenda - Update - (No longer) waiting for approval from insurance agency

Donna - Update - Coccyx bent forward at a 90 degree angle

Sue - Need information

Michelle - Coccydynia or pilonidal cyst?

Mark - Unknown cause with bad symptoms, in Canada

Debra L Mahood - Use of Neurontin for tailbone pain

Lisa - Doctor thinks I'm hallucinating

Vicky Harrison - Dislocated coccyx

Lorraine - Update - Coccygectomy

Lisa - Surgery imminent

Wendy - Prolotherapy or corticosteroids

Sue - Is this normal?

Shellie Golden - Update - Having surgery January 16-

Ronald Sabourin - Looking for an orthopedic surgeon

Kelly - Mountain bike accident

Denise Rendon - It didn't hurt till about 8 years after the injury

Sandra - Ibuprofen and physical therapy didn't help

Lourdes - Painful bump next to coccyx

Todd - Read this book

Robin - Hard knot at top of tail bone

Robert G - Update - Injured my coccyx while tobogganing - tried acupuncture

JR Kelley - Long tail bone

Chuck - 14 months post accident

Maria - Update - I've had the op, now let's hope I've lost the pain

Gayathri - Specialists in Seattle?

Colleen - Four-year-old with protruding tailbone

Anonymous - Update - Pain came back after 35 years - Cranio-sacral therapy?

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