Bowen Technique, Anybody helped by acupuncture or injections?

Karen -

Original message, posted 2002-01-20:

All I can say is thank you thank you thank you. I truly believed I was going mad! Then I found your website.

This has been a depressing and painful ordeal for me. No need to review all the doctors and tests I have been through but finally with a file folder of information in hand from your website, visited the last doctor yesterday. I had insisted on coccyx and pelvic MRI as suggested by my chiropractor, he hit the problem on the head long ago but suggested I pursue a few other tests (female in nature) to be thorough. I demanded a dynamic x-ray from my GP with all the info from your site. He agreed but the local hospital would not do it. They said this was absurd and never head of this before --HELLO!!!!! Needless to see they didn't want to look at the sit stand x-ray material and sent me and my coccyx on its way.

Had a follow up with a neurologist that the neurosurgeon sent me to because he had no clue, and neurologist called for the coccyx MRI findings. He said, coccygeal lordosis was a show on the MRI- he being the neurologist gave me an explanation of what that was as well as went further to tell me that NO I was not mad, his mother had the same thing many years ago and suffered. He recommended a few days of lowest dose valium to relax some of the tight muscles around there along with a weeks worth of Vioxx and also recommended very nicely that I see my chiro and let him do an internal adjustment. He said he highly recommended this as it helped his Mom immediately.

I am thinking of trying the Bowen Technique first to see if that helps. Has anyone here had any good or bad experiences with this?? I have found a practitioner who is willing to come to my home and said 2 treatments is all it should take!!! I am very skeptical but would love to hear more info from your readers on that and there feelings on the Logan Procedure (good or bad).

Thanks so much for helping me


For Bowen Technique and Logan Procedure, see Gill, Louise Lucas, Carol, Tanya, Anonymous.

Update 2002-03-31:


Still miserable and suffering with no relief in sight. Please contact me if you have had any luck with acupuncture or cortisone shots for your coccyx problem as I am contemplating each one of these. Would like to hear your story with these.



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