Pain, pain, go away- don't come again another day!


It's been over a year... August 18 2000 to date. All I did was gardening and pow.... there it is again.. that pain, and this time it wouldn't go away.

Well, six cortisone shots, 3 bouts of physical therapy, about 10 chiropractic visits including Logan treatments, and 3 orthopedic surgeons later I have finally had my coccygectomy by a fine young surgeon down at UCLA.

I am 8 days postop now. Not doing as well as the others, but I am hopeful I will be there soon. The pain is different, not so deep. More like a cut that got some rubbing alcohol in it. Burns and hurts, but not so deep.

Warning for people looking for cure from chiropractor: Short term injuries can be treated via this method, but long term sufferers will find mostly only slight relief due to untreated damage, nerve damage, or scare tissue, etc. Though the pain in the butt may not be cured, other side affects of this injury may be helped by chiropractic care. The logan treatment can help with bladder problems, low back pain, and some muscle cramps.

Posted 2001-10-28


I'm 3 weeks post-op. I'm not completely pain free YET... but I know I am definitely on my way there. The pain is totally different from before. Did I mention how small the scar is- even now it is hardly noticeable. Yes I still take pain meds, but not for much longer. And it's only been 3 weeks!!!! I'm asking myself now why I waited so long. I know why... I wanted to give my regular doctor a chance... also insurance was giving me some problems.

My doc at UCLA gave me permission to give everyone his name. He is Jeffrey C. Wang (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California) Please note that I was only his second coccyx surgery. His first surgery was 100% recovered. The way it's looking now, that may be two full-recoveries. This doc is young, smart, and straight to the point.

Updated 2001-11-11

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