Some great news for sore butts!!!!


I damaged my tailbone on a water slide almost 4 weeks ago. Walking and sitting on hard surfaces were fine, but sitting in soft seats, lounges and driving my car were very painful. My regular doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories, which dulled the pain but didn't seem to aid repair of the problem.

Today, at the insistence of family and friends, I went to visit a chiropractor with experience of this problem. He performed a LOGAN PROCEDURE , which is an internal adjustment via the rectum. This sounds dreadful, but the instant relief is worth the embarassment. I am still a little sore, but after only a few hours I can already tell that the pain has gone completely. He did comment at the time that the tailbone was " way out of alignment", and the procedure only took a couple of minutes.

For long term sufferers of coccyx pain, maybe you should pick up the phone and find a chiropractor that performs this procedure. It's worth a try!!!

Updated 2001-09-24

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