Spinal cord stimulator implant


Original posting, 2002-09-08:

I have suffered from coccyx pain for 7 years now. I have no idea why it began. Can only speculate that during tenure in military that perhaps riding stationary bike each day maybe, kinda, sorta began this problem.

At any rate, I have had multiple nerve block injections. Ganglion Impar, with short term results. My pain physician has discussed Spinal Cord Stimulator implant. I indeed had the trial implant and got what I describe as excellent results. As you may be able to guess, It does not eliminate the pain, it simply does not register with our brain that we are experiencing the pain. I plan to proceed with permanent implantation of this device to aid me in better quality of life, because without it my quality of life is zip.

I know exactly what each and every person on this site are going through. The mere thought of the pain is horrific. It scares me to death to think about enduring it forever. I have got to take charge of this thing and move forward with a treatment that will enable me to 'GET MY LIFE BACK".

Anyone wishing details are welcome to email me.

Update, 2004-11-28:

The trial went well, but I never imagined that it would help as much as it has. As you know the stimulation simply blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain. I am still to this day (2 years later) amazed at the results.

I have a Medtronic device with 2 leads, 1 on each side of the tailbone. I can adjust the intensity at the flick of a button. I think my pain doctor was more excited than me about results. But that would be impossible, because I am again doing what I want, when I want.

Recuperation time was about 5 days. Actually I was back at the office in 4 days. I'm told that battery life is somewhat dependent upon how much you use the stimulator. Literature describes 7 - 8 years. I will have my battery replaced when the time comes to deal with that.

I always keep a soft spot in my heart for sufferers like myself and yourself with tailbone pain. It seems to dominate your every thought. I am truly glad my pain doctor introduced me to this thing. He is one of the finest people I've ever met and he took a genuine interest in helping me with the tailbone thing.

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