Injections helped, but not enough, so now had surgery

Christy -

Original posting, 2002-11-03:

I am 22 with 2 kids, and let me tell you if you are young, no doctor takes you seriously. They think "Heck, you're young you'll heal fast!!" Yeah, OK whatever.

My pain started the second or third month of pregnancy. I started developing a pain when I was sitting ,and especially when standing from the sitting position. I took my complaint to my doctor and we both came to the conclusion that it was just another one of those annoying pregnancy pains that would go away once the baby was born. I managed to deal with it for the next 7 months until my daughter was born. I'm sure you already guessed that the pain didn't go away! Of course not, it got worse. I couldn't sit, or if I was sitting I would get stuck in my chair.

I went on a search for a doctor to help me. I went to a lot of them, none of them could find an answer. All they could tell me was I had coccydynia and would just have to take pain medicines and deal with it. Well, I wasn't about to settle with that. I finally found a doctor close to me in Washington that sounded like he might know a little about this "rare tailbone pain". I went and saw him, and he actually had a lot of information for me and didn't just send me on my way like the others. We decided together to try the injections which helped, but not enough. We did this for about 4 months.

I went for my normal once a month check up last week, on October 25th. We decided to remove the coccyx. It was not getting better. I had the surgery a few days ago, on October 29th they removed the coccyx. It was a very fast surgery, it only took about 45 minutes. The recovery so far has not been too painful. I can't sit yet. I lay mostly on my side or stomach.

If anyone has had this surgery and can give me some tips on how to get through this or pointers on what to watch for after surgery feel free to email me please.

Good luck everyone!!


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