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I kept thinking I would wait until I got my pain solved before I wrote - there are a lot of negative experiences already listed on your site. But, it is taking a long time and I really want anyone else who is considering NMS solutions in Southern California to benefit from my mistakes.

Chiropractic had gotten me to a point where I could sit up to 40 minutes in some chairs. I thought the tailbone adjustment would be the final thing to fix me, but I had not been able to locate someone who did tailbone adjustments. I read about Dr. Wooley's tailbone adjustments done under anesthesia on the NMS Solutions website. Dr. Wooley did two of these tailbone adjustments on me, then he convinced me to have Prolotherapy. I bought a book on the topic - thought I educated myself on this procedure, but I was too desperate to acknowledge to myself that nothing in this book talked about using Prolotherapy as a treatment for tailbone pain. Prolotherapy set me back more than a year in my progress. It has been over a year since I had this treatment. I have spent that last year trying to get back to where I was before I had it.

I should have realized NMS Solutions was not the appropriate place for me. Dr Wooley's research, on the NMS Solutions website, is on tailbone adjustments for low back pain, not tailbone pain. Everyone I have talked to since has said there is absolutely NO reason to get a tailbone adjustment under anesthesia. I agree. I have had an internal tailbone adjustment done by an osteopath here in Portland, Oregon where I live now. It worked with the body not against it - no pain- no need for anesthesia.

Updated 2002-09-15

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