Frustrating tailbone pain


Original posting, 2002-08-04:

Over the past 3 months, I have had tailbone pain when sitting for more than five minutes. I have little idea of what could have caused this. I was riding a horse without a saddle with friends and I had an acute pain in my intestinal area below my stomach (I have no idea what that means or if that could be a cause of my pain). It has become very frustrating and I fear that I will be stuck with this for the rest of my life.

I am currently seeing a chiropractor that thinks the pain may be caused by the muscles surrounding the tailbone or something (he has a medical term that I don't remember). He used a treatment the first day that I went to see him. He hooked up 4 massaging things, I don't have a word of what to call them, but they are similar, and stronger than the ones that appear on television for strengthening abs.

I am writing you the day after the first treatment. I am feeling less pain while sitting at my computer. I don't know if that is because it worked and have found the cause of my pain or if it is working as a sort of placebo. I will be going back for two more treatments within 2 weeks. I am praying that these will totally eliminate my pain, as I will be going back to school very soon, and sitting 8 hours a day can't be good for healing.

I am praying for everyone out there that has tailbone pain, most of which is more severe than mine.

Update, 2002-09-08:

I just thought that I would pass on something that seemed to help for me. I'm a student, sitting 8 hours a day in hard plastic chairs. I recently began taking a regimen of pills that really help me. In the mornings, I take one glucosamine/chondroiton pill (I've heard its good for bones), and one Aleve that will last all day. In the evenings, I take two Advil, another glucosamine/chondroiton pill, and a vitamin C tablet (heard that it is anti-inflammatory). My pain has reduced greatly, and I can actually bear to sit for 8 hours a day.

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