Injury 12 years ago

Amy -


First of all, I am so glad to have found your website! I've been going to doctor's for years and no one has had a clue. Its nice to know that I'm not the only one suffering! Here is my story...

About 12 years ago, when I was 12 I fell off a swing and landed right on a rock. It hurt so bad for weeks but I never went to the doctor for it. It seemed to be alright up until high school. I had to constantly change my sitting position and it looked like I was being impatient in class. I never really thought about going to the doctor until I realized it was getting way too painful to go to the movie theaters, road trips to college, long college lectures, etc. Over the past 5 years I've been to a couple of doctors, and I just became frustrated with their inability to help me, so I gave up. I've tried cortisone shots (no relief), trigger point injections (made it worse), all types of drugs (which I didn't want to take for the rest of my life...and I was way too young to be having a medicine cabinet full of meds)....The pain has been a part of my daily routine for 12 years! Recently though, I'd say for the past 2 years, its been such a hassle. Sitting for interviews for work, meeting new people during a nice dinner...all these situations I would have to constantly change positions in my seat, which doesn't look like I'm being too attentive or interested.

Anyhow, SO...I'm an active individual...the pain has never interfered with my exercises or games (although I can't do some of the variations of the sit-up). However, last week I noticed that the pain started to affect my muscles in my right sacral region...basically the lower part of my butt. It became painful to do lunges, squats, swinging a softball bat, and even walking. I have had a doctor suggest removing my tailbone several years ago, but I was terrified of going through with it. Then this week another doctor suggested that it would help. The stories on this website has helped me seriously consider going through with the surgery. I'm going this week for another MRI and a bone scan first. I'll keep you posted on what comes of it......

If anyone else can help or has any suggestions please let me know...



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