Had coccyx removed - great results!

Kathy Ovide - kovide@fkaa.com

After 21 years of intense pain and inability to sit longer than 20 minutes, I had my coccyx removed last year by the new, less invasive procedure. I walked 3 hours later, went home 2 days later and was back to work part-time in two weeks. I had muscle spasms in my legs for about 4 days the week following surgery. After 3 months, I could sit approximately 2 hours and 8 months later I can now sit for longer durations - up to a full day in a comfortable chair/vehicle.

My surgery was performed by Dr John Nordt of South Miami, Florida, 427 Biltmore, Suite 100, Coral Gables, FL 33134, Phone: (305)662-2851, Fax: (305)662-2532

It was the BEST decision I've ever made - I truly do not have pain any longer.

The coccyx is generally removed by cutting through the lower back, cutting the gluteus maximus, and working past the nerves to get to the coccyx. This results in a lengthy healing process and poses a greater potential of damage to the muscles or nerves as they are manipulated. However, the new procedure is to cut at the top of your buttocks crack and go up behind the gluteus maximus to extract the coccyx and slide it back down and out of the lower incision. I only lost a teaspoon to a tablespoon of blood, I walked that same evening, and was released from the hospital after only 2 days. I had mild muscle spasms for 4 days about 1 week after my surgery; otherwise, I had minimal discomfort during recovery. I am truly amazed at the relief which has come from this surgery and my ability to enjoy life again - I still won't get on a bicycle but I believe that is because of the bad memories of how painful it used to be.

Without being too personal, I'll add that for about a year before the decision was made to remove my coccyx, I had some strange symptoms which disappeared after my surgery.

  1. I was having a problem with bowel movements and had consulted to no avail with a colon specialist (it was found during surgery my bowel had crimped along my misaligned coccyx and my bowel functions returned to normal after the coccyx was removed)
  2. I was having significant female discomfort which also ceased after surgery
  3. I was having pain and weakness in my legs which ceased about 2-3 months after surgery.

My orthopedic surgeon performed a series of x-rays from the side with me sitting and then standing to capture movement and alignment of my coccyx. He found it broken and sitting at a 45 degree angle in towards my body. There is no explanation as to what caused this - I did have a slip and fall years ago and I also had back labor during childbirth. But the pain I was experiencing was horrific - I often felt like I had a ball of hot metal inside me. I know that coccyx removal is not for every situation - but I am so thankful that I had mine removed and removed by this less invasive procedure.

Updated 2002-07-28

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