Pain with no injury


I began having pain in the coccyx area in December 2001 when rising after sitting on a firm seat eg. dining chair, office chair. It felt just as if someone had kicked me hard. By January the pain was also occurring when I sat on a firm chair, walked any distance or stood for any length of time. I am a primary school teacher and spend a lot of time sitting on small seats at low tables or walking round the room stopping to stoop to talk to children, I simply couldn't cope and had to be sent home.

The doctor gave me various anti-inflammatories but these upset my stomach as I also suffer from an irritable bowel. He then tried to send me for an X-ray but this was refused by my local hospital as the consultant radiologist felt it would not be very informative. My GP then sent me for an MRI this showed some ' wear and tear to the coccyx'. I was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who tried injecting the area with a steroid on two occasions but this was not really successful. He now has decided that I should be injected and have the coccyx manipulated under general anaesthetic and I am awaiting my day patient admission to have this done. In the mean time I am still off work and going crazy pottering around my home.

I was amazed when I found your website as I really did feel that I was more or less the only person with this problem and that everybody else must think I am swinging the lead or some kind of wimp for not just getting on and managing a ' bit of backache'.

Thanks for letting me get it off my chest.

Updated 2002-06-16

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