Coccyx attacks


Wow, I wish I knew about this website years ago. I have been having what I called "tail bone attacks" for at least 20 years but I do not live daily with the pain. My problem are sudden attacks that are triggered, I believe, from sitting on a hard surface for any period of time, often a bowel movement can cause an attack, or sleeping on my back (I often wake up with an attack in the middle of the night).

I find the only relief is a hot bath, which I crawl to when I get an attack and it takes it away quite quickly if I get there before the pain is at its peak. These attacks last about 20 minutes and after it is over, I am totally exhausted. I have had very few attacks at work thankfully but when I do get one, I have to lock myself away in a stall, stand and hang on to the stall walls and sweat it out until it is over.

Does anyone else relate to these attacks? I thought I was alone. Please someone tell me I'm not from Mars!

I had this problem checked about 15 years ago, and of course the examination triggered an attack which I got on the subway ride home. The doctor at the time told me he can recommend a pain killer, but he said that the problem was that it was more like a horse tranquilliser, and it will take until the attack is over before it works, and then I would be knocked out for hours. So I have lived with this problem since. I have mentioned it several times to my GP but it never gets dealt with, the doctor only listens sympathetically and hasn't recommended any treatment.


Updated 2002-07-07

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