Coccyx broken twice

Gina -

My name is Gina and I have broken my coccyx twice in my lifetime.

I am now 32. I first broke my coccyx when I was 10 years old. My cousin and I were riding a sleigh in the snow and I was on back, we went over a stump and I fell off the back and landing directly on the stump at pretty high speed and hard impact on my tailbone. The doctor diagnosed it as a broken tailbone.

Then later I broke my coccyx while jumping in the back seat of my SUV and landing right on the seat belt inserter. The doctor said I broke my coccyx again; he saw my last fracture and told me I would eventually have arthritis in my lower back and especially my coccyx area.

Needless to say I have been through some incredible pain lately after carrying my 9 pound. baby boy and working full time up to term.

I currently have arthritis in my lower spine, a few bulging disc, spurs and degeneration in my spine. Many doctors and chiropractors say they would hate to see me in 10 years or so, due to the fact they think I already have a back of a 80 year old woman. I have been through the steroid injections and other medications for back pain. I have difficulty sitting for long periods of time and going on long trips. When I sit on the toilet my left leg goes numb, then starts to tingle again and finally comes back to life.

I don't know what anyone can recommend to make all this better but if they do I would be very interested in hearing their comments. I currently work full time and standing all day is part of my job. I have the opportunity to sit if I would like, so I rotate often when one position starts hurting.

I would like to hear from anyone who would have any advice.

Updated 2002-08-25

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