Specialists in Seattle?

Gayathri  gayapra@yahoo.com

I'm 25 year old suffering with terrible pain in my tail bone area since two months. It all started with no reason. I have a 1 1/2 year old son whose life is getting affected because of my pain. I'm not able to lift him, play with him, or pay attention to him.

I visited a physician, surgeon and orthopedic but no use. They have taken x-rays and MRI but say we could not diagnose your problem. Also one of the doctors said ... This type of pain comes once in a while and will be there for few months and go. I really could not do any thing. My life is disturbed like anything... I'm eagerly waiting for reply from someone. Successors with this pain please let me know the details of specialists in this area. I'm staying in Seattle.  

Thank you, bye Gayathri

Updated 2002-01-06

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