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Frank, USA - Update, Cured after three years of pain

Anonymous, USA - I am at the end of my rope

Maria, UK - Update - Dr Michael Durtnall - nothing short of SUPERB!!

Alise, Australia - Update - Coccygectomy recovery

Tammy - Update - Personal manipulation

Jackie, UK - Update - Slipped on a marble staircase

Gordon, USA - Update - Cortisone shot from Dr. Ed Hanley - then surgery, successful

Maryland lawyer, USA - Elimination diet helped, but solved by removing contraceptive implant

Pam, USA - Update - Long history of tailbone pain, successful surgery, hernia and mesh repair

Anonymous, India - Update - Tail bone treatment

Anonymous, the Netherlands - Update - Abnormally long tailbone

Rachael, USA - Update - Coccyx removal

David, UK - Update - Coccyx Diary Initial pain through to removal

Jill, UK - Update - Coccyx pain and blog

Cesar, USA - My coccydynia journey

Ant, UK - Pain came back 11 years later

Lumbini Lama, Nepal - Looking for advice on calcified coccyx joint

Vania, Italy - Treatment by Dr Durtnall

Tracey, UK - Tail bone stuck in the wrong position and calcified

Kabir, India - Tailbone experience

Sneha, India - Tail bone treatment

Aimee, UK - Recommendation of Dr Michael Durtnall

Bill, Australia - My coccygectomy

Lou, The Bahamas - Coccygectomy

Jonathan, USA - Coccyx treatment in Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona

Catherine, UK - Update - I broke my coccyx 20 years ago, again this year

Anonymous, UK - Sayer Clinics, Michael Durtnall My recovery from severe coccyx pain (and the suffering of having a steroid injection)

David, UK - Coccyx injuries and proctalgia fugax

K.P Tunga, India - Tailbone pain and problem

Rob, USA - My journey back from flirting with hopeless

Chad, USA - Coccyx cushion reduced the pressure

Anonymous - Update - Infected wound after coccygetomy

Hennie, South Africa - Still in pain years after tailbone surgery

Mark, UK - Coccyx with some calcification and a small bone spur

Maria, USA - Flax seed anti-inflammatory

Manisha, India - Tail bone treatment

Elizabeth, India - Pain totally disappeared

Angela, UK - Tailbone pain cured again

Tammy, USA - Finally having surgery

SindrilPriya Dass, India - Tail bone treatment

Matt Herb, USA - Removed coccyx partially. Slow burning pain when sitting. Anyone else?

Jacklin, USA - Success with Dr Nunez

Iman, UK - Coccyx pain

Debora, UK - My coccyx treatment experience with Dr. Durtnall

Angie, USA - Coccyx removed

Sue, UK - I have a huge improvement

Lorna, UK - Big thanks to Dr. Durtnall and my tips on dealing with coccyx pain

Kay, UK - Severe pain after lifting 10 kg, need to prove this is a new injury to get benefit

Bhavan, India - Long hours sitting and driving caused problem

Ig, UK - Coccyx removal - scare stories abound, but my experience was well worth it so far

Antje, UK and Germany - Dr Durtnall coccyx treatment - return to dressage riding!

Mothi, India - Tail bone treatment

Ken, USA - Dr Denise Burns, New York

Anonymous, UK - Pain in the coccyx

Anonymous, UK - I'm not cured, but things are definitely better!

T Grant, Canada - Update - Just had coccygectomy after 5 years of hell

PD, UK - Solution for sitting

Beth, Canada - Internal manipulation

Monica - Dr. Singh and Dr. Mubashira

Izzy, UK - I am at the point where I am now desperate

Steven, UK - Injections gave temporary relief, manipulation making progress

Radha, India - How coccydynia disabled my life

Mithun, India - Bedridden with pain

Lesley, UK - Curcumin greatly reduced the pain

Marie-Anne, UK - 3 months since the operation and I feel better than I have in 5 years

Arielle - Tailbone pain - too much to tolerate

David P, Australia - Lumbar roll helped

Gill, Australia - Coccygectomy

Yury, Russia - My experience with coccyx pain

Mary, UK - Good help is available

Christine, USA - Tailbone pain with retroverted uterus

Suman, India - Touch wood found a good doctor

Gwen, USA - Tailbone pain from childbirth went away, came back after a fall

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