Slipped on a marble staircase

Jackie, UK -

Posted 2014-11-23

I slipped on a marble staircase in Spain nearly 12 weeks ago. I bounced down about 3-4 steps and hurt my coccyx. I thought I had just bruised it, but after an excruciating rest of my holiday and journey home to England via car, plane and car, I went straight to A&E from the airport. Despite the 5 hour wait, when I was seen they advised that there was no treatment for the coccyx and it would just take time, either 8 weeks if bruised or 12 weeks if fractured, but they did not x-ray it or examine it.

I was in so much pain a few days later, I could not sit down and was in so much discomfort I did not know what to do with myself so I saw my GP, who was just as useless as the hospital. Again he said that there was no treatment and didn't examine me, he said that it would be weeks or even years. I was prescribed some strong painkillers and sent on my way.

I could not sit down at work (office based), my employers changed my desk to a sit/stand desk which helped, but it was not brilliant as I was still in so much pain and the pressure that I had was awful.

After a few days I spoke with an osteopath, explained what had happened and went to see them a few days later. They checked to see if it was fractured with a tuning fork (luckily it was not) but did establish that I flexed it and it was folded right up and twisted. They tried external manipulation to straighten the coccyx, but after 5 weeks of treatment it was not returning to its normal position. This treatment did help and prepared my for the next step.

I was referred to a specialist osteopath in London (Stephen Sandler, see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London), he did an internal manipulation and straightened my coccyx, although an unpleasant procedure, it did not hurt, just a pressure feeling, I am now able to sit comfortably and return to riding my motorcycle, which there was no way in the world I was ever going to be able to do that with a flexed coccyx. He also established that my right hip joint was not sitting in the pelvis properly and put that back in.

Each case is different, but the I feel very let down by the hospital and my GP, neither of them examined me to see what I had done and both told me there was no treatment. Both were wrong.

The moral of my story is, is that there is treatment you can have, although not covered on the NHS, an osteopath may be able to help you, so don't give up and don't put up with it.


Update - 2018-08-12

I am pleased to confirm that my coccyx pain and discomfort has stayed away. I was concerned that it may cause me problems but I'm still riding my motorbike and have been dirt biking too without any problems.

All good!!!

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