Accident on a rock slide, Recommendation of Dr Michael Durtnall

Aimee, UK

Posted 2014-10-26

My tailbone problem began aged 24 at the beginning of a 6 month trip, travelling around Central and South America. I was sliding around rocky pools/waterfalls (never a good idea!) and upon sliding from one rock pool into the next on a rock slide I hit my tailbone with some force and was immediately in immense pain and knew something very bad had happened! I could feel it was moving about if I clenched and could feel it moving in and out of place…it was excruciating. Unfortunately I was also in the middle of nowhere in Guatemala and because I was still able to walk people assumed I was making a fuss over nothing which caused me to think that if I left it alone with time it would get better. This was my first mistake! In retrospect I wish I'd flown home and had treatment. I'd recommend anyone with tailbone trauma to see a specialist straight away.

When I returned home after a further 6 months travelling I started treatment with the NHS. This involved physiotherapy, acupuncture, several visits to 'specialists' who had no idea what to do with me and just kept referring me to other 'specialists' then hydrocortisone injections, then they tried to burn my nerve endings around the area so I would no longer feel the pain. None of these worked.

November 2013 aged 27 I was told the last resort was to remove my coccyx. As a last ditch attempt I decided to pay myself to see a specialist which I found through this website and immediately everything changed. On my first visit to Michael at Sayer Clinics (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) he listened to my story and sympathised, he immediately puts you at ease and builds instant rapport. He took clear X-rays which showed the problem (something the NHS had failed to do in 2 years) and seeing that my tailbone – as I'd always knows the way you do when it's your body –was in fact bent entirely in the wrong direction and calcified, he also showed me that my hips were misaligned and I had a hump at the top of my spine. Not something you really expect or want aged 27.

I began seeing Michael weekly, which I did for a few months, he carried out manual manipulations which were a little uncomfortable but compared to the trauma I went through with the NHS it was completely bearable. I feel like I went through a real rollercoaster for these first few months, some weeks I felt a huge improvement and others it was actually more painful. However I persevered and a year later I'm 90% better. I now see Michael once a month to try and get to 100%, my tailbone no longer consumes my every thought like it once did and some days now I don't think of it all because I don't feel it.

I would recommend anyone who has tailbone problems to go and see Michael straight away. He's a very charismatic and very funny, a joy to be around and most importantly he's a real expert and you will be in safe hands!

Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after this story was posted, to ask for an update, as the long-term outcome of treatment is of great interest. In this case I did not get a reply.

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