Cured after three years of pain

Frank, USA

Posted 2014-08-10

I just wanted to pass along a possible remedy for this incessant, life-draining pain of coccyxdynia. I incurred it from a chiropractor who basically kneed me in the tailbone during an "adjustment" for some mild muscular back pain. Subsequently, over three years I had seen multiple physical therapists, a couple pain specialists, two neurologists, and one spine specialist at a university hospital. I received several deep cortisone and pain medication injections in my sacrum. None of these treatments helped.

Finally, I came across Dr. Neil Speigel, MD an osteopath of Rockville (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Maryland) who understood the nature and source of the pain and with a few "bending" sessions, exterminated the pain almost completely. With the stretching exercises he gave me, which were completely different than given by the physical therapists, I have resumed my no-pain status. I will also say though that I also received a simultaneous topical pain medication that was accentuated by electrical stimulation. It was much more effective than the deep injections to the sacrum. I have been pain free for over two years.

Good luck to everyone dealing with this relentless curse.

Update, 2018-11-18

It has been over four years since I recovered completely from a three-year episode of coccyxdynia. For three years I tried unsuccessfully to overcome this disorder by visiting over a dozen health professionals (listed above), as well as massage therapists, acupuncturists, and daily ice packs. Oral pain medications just made me sleepy without adequately addressing the pain. Although each service provided some slight palliative help, I could not rid myself of the daily, reoccurring, life-draining pain in my coccyx area. At one point I was thinking of filing for disability so I could avoid any stress at all. All the deep muscular and sacrum pain medication injections I received totally missed the area that needed to be addressed.

The pain all ended after visiting Dr. Neil Speigel, an osteopath located in Rockville, MD. He slowly forced my body into stretching various tendons and ligaments. There were sensations of warm burning and muscular release. I received two treatments in his office about two weeks apart. I returned almost immediately to my normal, healthy self. He gave me some follow up stretching exercises which I followed daily at first, and now I do just once a month or so for general aches and pains.

As mentioned above, even after visiting Dr. Spiegel, some slight residual pain was eliminated by a physical therapist with a topical pain agent that was somehow electrically amplified. I only received one of those treatments.

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