I'm not cured, but after manipulation by Dr Durtnall things are definitely better!

Anonymous, UK

Posted 2014-04-27

I'm a medical doctor who has been practising for 5 years. My pain started when I was revising for a post graduate exam a year ago - and sitting down for 12 hours a day. I had really bad pain that I thought at first was coming from my back passage. I was treated for an abscess with antibiotics, then for a fissure with glyceryl trinitrate cream which gave me awful headaches. Neither worked so I had a colonoscopy and an examination under anaesthetic - both of which were normal.

I did some research and felt I could have coccydynia, which my consultant gastro surgeon agreed with but had no idea how to treat. I went to see my GP and asked to be referred to someone who could treat it. She had to discuss it with her colleagues and instead referred me to the pain management team. Whilst on the waiting list I started amitriptylline which gave me a dry mouth and horrible dreams. The pain consultant suggested more pain killers which was fine but I really wanted to know was what was causing the pain in the first place.

So I had a look on coccyx.org and read about Dr Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I was happy to try anything to try to reduce my pain. Every day was a battle by then - sitting was so painful and as pretty much all social and work events involved sitting I was in pain most of the time. So I got on a train to London and went to see Dr Durtnall. He listened to me, didn't try to convince me I was depressed or anxious and didn't tell me to take pills and come back in 6 months. He actually seemed to want to find out what the problem was. I had Xrays which showed my coccyx was displaced. I've now had 4 treatments and although I'm not cured, things are definitely better! I have had several days with no pain at all and I've stopped medication.

Knowing there is someone with so much experience treating me gives me hope for a future not on painkillers and mostly without pain. If you're not sure about going to see him or scared of the process - please don't be - he's really helped me already!

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