I have a huge improvement

Sue, UK - westlakesue@hotmail.com

Posted 2014-05-25

I started suffering tailbone pain about 3 years ago. I was doing a lot of driving and sitting all day at a computer screen. By the August of that year I was unable to sit for any period of time, going on holiday was a nightmare and I remember perching on the edge of the seat in the mini-bus that took us to our holiday village. After a week's rest on holiday it was feeling better but then on the last day of the holiday I went on an off-road bike ride, slipped on rocks and hit my coccyx hard on the saddle.

For the following year I tried every option going, two different chiropractors local to where I lived, one who diagnosed the problem correctly but didn't have a clue how to fix it, the other who tried to tell me the problem was higher up my spine and the pain radiating down, a physiotherapist and acupuncture. The doctor referred me to a pain management clinic and their only solution was to have an epidural injection. This option made me nervous, I had read a lot about these injections and how they gradually stop working. It seemed to me that covering up the pain was not the solution.

I did some research on this site and found lots of recommendations for Sayers Clinics in London. So I made an appointment, they x-rayed me and for the first time I knew exactly what I was dealing with. And so started my treatment which is still ongoing. At times I have felt that it was never getting any better and I cannot remember how many times I asked if I would ever be cured. Now eighteen months later I have a huge improvement. It is not entirely gone but I can now get through most days with no pain killers. I see Dr. Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) every 2-3 weeks and in between have deep tissue massage to release the tension in the muscles around the coccyx. I do what I can to help the treatment, lots of walking (stairs really do help) and lots of pelvic floor exercises.

It has been a long haul, at times I have despaired that I would ever get any better but I kept going as I have the belief that if Michael cannot cure me then no-one can.

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