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Paulina - Update - My surgery experience...

Gloria - Update - Pain began with spinning classes

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Cara - Roller coaster broke my tailbone - update - Pain after 2 coccygectomies

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Ann - Update - Help! Desperate Mom

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Henry - Update - Neurostimulation

Nancy - Update - My recent surgery

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Kathi - Update - Doctors or surgeons in Washington State?

Astrid - Update - Still no coccyx specialists found in the Netherlands - now going to France

RoxAnn - Spina bifida baby?

Gwen - Update - My entire day is spent trying to get some pain relief

Gemma - Party went painfully wrong

Daphnejane - Happy with the operation!

Lory - Changes to tailbone area

John's daughter - Coccyx pain since July Moms!

Kim - Ever thought you were going MAD!!!

Bob - Coccyx pain gone

Alan Palmer - Pain in the backside cured

Rebecca - Coccyx pain generally and worse in pregnancy

Anonymous - The slightest fall sets it off again

Melissa - Great frustration

Lee - Coccyx pain has been cured

Jeromy - Coccyx pain

Terri - Anyone else been to Dr MacArthur in Utah?

Paul Dean - Lived with discomfort for 30 years, now had surgery

Lora - Tailbone pain starts at 16

Joe - Surgical excision of Tarlov cyst

Gary - My coccyx nightmare

Angela Ives - Recovering from surgery in September

Phyllis - Coccydynia confusion

Heather - Dislocated coccyx!

Deb Smith - Coccydynia plus a sore on the back

Amanda - I can not sit down and and have just been sacked from my job

Patrick - Again and again

Anonymous - Doctor removed my tailbone that was floating

Jenny - Just heard from the hospital

Christie - Nearly full recovery from chronic pain after 1 visit to orthopaedic doctor who is also an osteopath!

Leann - Fibroid tumor lower pain

Fiona Baker - It felt like there was a firework factory in my backside

Wendy - Recent coccygectomy

Shannah - Going crazy

Michelle - Searching for the right doctor

Jackie - Tailbone pain started about 4 months ago...

Brian Dietmeyer - Manual manipulation fixed the coccyx pain

Syrena - Surgery this morning . . . cancelled

Fritz - Coccydynia due to osteoarthritis, resident of New York, USA

Carolyn Reynolds - Endometriosis and coccyx pain

Amanda - Coccyx injury from dirtbike

Donna - Pain still there after more than 3 years!

Angela - Long time coccyx pain seems to be going away

Nina - Chiropractic seems to be helping

Mark - Ice packs stop the pain

Jeanne - I'm 95% cured finally!! No more tailbone pain!

Gemma King - Coccygectomy has it's risks but it is the best thing that has ever happened to me

Gail Dittenber - Seeking help for coccydynia/severe chronic pain

Dianne - Relief given by manual massage of the rectal muscles

James T - Sleeping on the floor

Carmen - Tried everything else, now considering surgery

Stacey - Pain in the legs as well as the tailbone

Polly - Coccyx removal and natural healing ... it can be done

Nad Adkins - Inversion therapy

Marjaana - Training after coccyx removal?

Johnny C - Haven't experienced pain like this before!

Eva - I hurt my tailbone while riding a water slide

Wendy - Pain in the . . .

Wendy - Coccyx pain after giving birth

Leanne - Coccyx pain for nearly 3 years

Kimberlee - Steroid injection during pregnancy?

Benny - How I am now 85% pain free (sometimes completely)

Paula - My concerns with surgery

Jacquie - Had surgery 21 years ago, have new pain

Christina - Heat pads, and how do you sit through a movie?

Mrs A Chesterton - Symptoms for two years with no relief

Anonymous - Soft tissue damage

Missy - Update - Coccyx pain, laminectomy not the answer

Mary Jo - Pelvis and coccyx pain after losing weight

Anonymous - Pain started after long meeting

Tracey S - Whiplash injury and subsequent coccydynia

Tania Hughes - Nursing and coccydynia

Moira - Vioxx reduced the pain immensely

K Michael - My pain in the butt :)

Diane Malone - Neurontin

Sherry - Cortisone injection every six months relieves the pain

Lisa - My Odyssey into Dante's Inferno

Kristen - The day before I went into labour I fell down my basement stairs

Mrs Bailey - The pain is terrible

Anonymous - Coccyx problem: my wife's experience

Amy - Update - Newbie to site!

Vic - I can't even get out of the car

Maeve - New chronic pain medicine

Maeve - Surgery headsup

Lambert - Two years of pain when sitting, and thin flat poo when going to the bathroom

Pam - Hysterectomy didn't cure the pain - please help

Marcel - The pain in my ass

Lauren - Update - Surgery soon

Joel - Oh My Achy Breaky Back & Butt

Carmel - Physiotherapy treatment for coccydynia

Victoria - Pain, spasms and a hammer

Sara - Ozone injections for pain

Brent Jones - Mysterious tailbone pain

Susan - Coccygectomy incision

David H - Thank Goodness I found this page!

Cris - Post-surgery PAIN

Annica - Damaged tailbone during delivery

Pixie - Surgery soon

Monica - Constipation and bloating after coccyx injury

Krystal - Motel bath rail broke

Kirk - Coccyx removal surgery after recent lumbar spinal fusion

Anonymous - Steroids for abscess?

Sue - New and wondering about my recent fall

Priscilla - More pain after surgery

Lynne - Is there no end?

Alba - Chiropractor pressed too hard

Sara - Finally got help

Lisa - Wheelchair-bound (separate issue) with coccyx at 90 degree angle caused by a fall

Donna - Update - Upcoming surgery - now recovering nicely

Anonymous - Incapacitated

Rachel - Ice skating fall caused the pain

Michelle R. Bouchér - Update - Psoriasis and tailbone pain?

Janet Cooper - Damaged coccyx in labour - advice on coping

Bruce Ashmore - Pain patches don't work so well any more - any doctors around Chicago?

Diane - Help with pain wanted

Lori - Epidural fractured coccyx?

Kait - Marble-sized hard lump

Theresa - 90 degree tailbone, but when?

Terri - Neurontin/coccyx surgery

Justin Thompson - Australian sufferers? And cut-out chairs?

Zedex - The best things I do for my coccyx pain

Susan - Miracles do happen!

Mandi - Pain, but don't know how it happened

Dianna - Update - Physical therapy for poor posture and stability

Anonymous - Coccydynia & Levator Ani Syndrome diagnoses - TMS last diagnosis and working

Ann Armstrong - Are mosquitoes to blame?

Sheri - Coccyx pain caused by surgery?

Laurie Smith - Tobogganing accident

Irina - My story

Anonymous - Another coccyx bent at 90 degrees

Virginia - Coccyx pain without trauma

Monica Stace - Coccyx problem 80% improved

Mel B - Coccyx diets

Mel B - Cycling and coccyx injury

Linda - Inflatable neck pillow as coccyx cushion

Kathy - Coccyx removed - Miami, Florida

Jenifer - Pain began several months into pregnancy - had c-section

Jen - Coccyx bent inwards at 90 degrees

Jamie - Injections the key?

Anonymous - Bruised sensation around muscle that covers the coccyx

Angie Gray - Update - UK to Paris for op - travelled via hired campervan!

Amanda - Had spina bifida, coccyx now bent backwards

Melanie - Chi machine

Mary Kornegay - Healing question

Julia - Swelling of joints after chiropractic treatment?

Winda - Pain came back years after the injury

Teresa - Fall from horseback caused lasting pain

Rusty Nida - Has anyone else used Neurontin for pain?

Reza - When can I get back to cycling?

Marvin - Swimming is the best form of exercise for a tailbone injury

Anonymous - Self-manipulation

Andy - It's not excruciating, but it is ruining my life

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