Coccyx pain, laminectomy not the answer

Missy -

Original posting, 2004-01-04:

My name is Missy, 27 year old female. I began feeling tailbone pain in September 2002. I do not recall injuring that area. Began to see a chiropractor, with no relief. I then went to a orthopedic who sent me for a MRI, and bone scan. MRI revealed a herniated disc at L5/S1. February 2003 followed up with a neurosurgeon who thought the coccyx was due to the herination. A laminectomy was performed in 8/2003.

I thought my pain would be gone. Four months later, the pain is still the same. Occurs most after sitting/driving. Going from a sitting position to a standing position is the most brutal. The laminectomy solved the herniation, I no longer have the numbness down my right leg, but did nothing to correct the coccyx pain.

I found this website and realized that the root of my problem was the coccyx itself, not the nerves that surround this as my neurosurgeon thought. Using your website I was able to find a doctor in New Jersey who has successfully performed coccyx removal surgery. Visited the doctor last week. He immediately knew the pain I was referring to. He recreated the pain with an internal exam, OUCH.... An X-ray was taken, and it showed there was a problem with my tailbone, 90 degree angle. I had had a cortisone shot about 10 days ago with minor relief. He suggested two options:

  1. Another cortisone shot, to see if he could pinpoint the injection, which could buy me a couple of months.
  2. Surgery to remove the coccyx.

I am still recovering from the laminectomy, but the thought of another surgery is worrisome. I do feel that surgery will repair the problem and I am confident with the doctor. I am living with daily pain and hope and pray that when I do have the surgery it will be a total 100% successful operation.

One question I do have, is there anyone who has gotten pregnant after a laminectomy and or a coccygectomy?

Update, 2004-04-12:

Well its been 8 months since my laminectomy L5 S1 and the tailbone pain is still as brutal as it was before. I now know there were two separate problems. Through this website I was able to find a doctor who specializes in this. I have scheduled surgery for later this month. The surgery will be to remove the damaged portion of my tailbone.

I want to thank Jon Miles and this website. If it had not been for this forum I would not have found an answer to my constant pain.

I will keep you posted on my results and recovery.

Update, 2004-04-25:

Well I had the surgery on 22 April 2004. I am now three days post op. Much better than I could ever had imagined. After having disc surgery last August I was expecting to feel the same after surgery. Surgery was same day and I was home by 5 pm. The ride home was a treat, had to recline the front seat and lie on my hip. Gotta love NJ traffic.

Dr. Kane advised that the piece he removed was larger than he thought and he had to shave a second piece but said it was an overall success. I am able to walk around and walk outside. Have not yet attempted to sit and really do not see it anytime soon.

I will keep you posted on my recovery.


Update, 2004-05-16:

I am now 17 days post op. I had my stitches removed on Friday, that was quite fun..... According to Dr. Kane I am healing right on schedule, he wants to see me in another 4 weeks.

As for my own opinion, I felt great for the first nine days, now I feel the healing is at a stand still. Dr. Kane did advise this would be the case. Good days mostly, with a bad day thrown in there. Can only sit for the max of about three to five minutes before the pain really sets in.

The pain is without a doubt different. This is healing pain, not the burning sharp stab of the tailbone pain that we have all experienced. I know from this website that sitting is very difficult for the first four weeks. I know that surgery was the right choice for me.

More updates to come...

Update, 2004-06-20:

I am almost 8 weeks post-op and I feel absolutely wonderful! I drove my car up to Albany last week which is over an hour drive. I did start to get a little uncomfortable towards the end of the drive, but sitting before the surgery for over an hour was horrible.

I went to see Dr. Kane last week for another post-op and he said to expect to have some discomfort for a few more months until it is completely healed. I feel so ahead of schedule already!

I am going to return to work July 1. (Only because with my job, we bid for a month at a time . . otherwise I think I am ready now!)

I have absolutely NO regrets ....I would do it all over again to have my quality of life back. Anyone who is contemplating this surgery: Get a Doctor who has done many, and go for it!

I will continue to post my recovery!

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