Are mosquitoes to blame?

Ann Armstrong -

I started having pain in my coccyx on return from holiday in Crete (July 2003). Whilst on holiday I was badly bitten by mosquitoes and could not walk for 3 days due to the swelling in my feet and legs. On return from holiday I felt as though I had flu and got this checked out at the doctor. He prescribed antibiotics (Magnapen) for the symptoms as nothing had shown up in blood tests. Two weeks after my return from holiday I noticed the pain in my tailbone which was gradually increasing as each day went on until I collapsed at work through the pain after sitting on the train for an hour.

Initially my doctor insisted that I must have injured my tailbone, which I hadn't. After various tests (bowels, x-ray, bloodtests) nothing has shown up to explain why this has started. Like most other personal experiences on this site (where the pain has just started and not through injury) I find going from a sitting position to a standing position excruciating - the 'numb bum' I can cope with for so long, but now even the thought of standing is making me feel ill.

I had a cortisone injection in November 2003 which did help with the tenderness of my tailbone, but the numb feeling and pain is still there. It seems to have developed into a different kind of pain - when walking (even for short distances) I experience extreme sharp pains from my tailbone, up into the middle of my back which almost paralyses me for a few seconds. I have sharp pains running across my buttocks and often feel a 'pulsing' sensation in my anus along with pains down the back of both legs and in my feet.

Lying down in bed at night I can feel, from my tailbone right up my spine, a hot throbbing sensation and this is when my feet get particularly painful, just at the base of my toes.

The only explanation that I can come up with is that this pain is linked to the mosquito bites that I got on holiday (over thirty on my legs of all shapes and sizes). My cousin in New Zealand informed me of a virus called Ross River Fever which is carried by mosquitoes and causes arthritic type pain - polyarthritis. This looked like a solution for me as all of the symptoms I was experiencing were the same as those for RRF, but unfortunately this is not the case. I have had antibody tests done and the virus is not in my system.

So six months down the line I am still off work as I can't sit to travel, either by car or train and walking is causing extreme pain. When I walk for a long period of time I feel that I want to bend over as this is the only way I can get relief from the pain.

I am so glad I found this website, the information is first class and I will be taking it to the Doctors at the hospital to make sure they do the proper x-rays this time (and not just 1 from a side angle as previously happened). I have a hospital appointment tomorrow so hopefully I will find out something - positive or negative, at least I'll know what I'm dealing with.

Its good to know that I'm not the only one suffering and I hope that Jon's good work on this site will highlight this problem further with the medical profession as a whole.

Ann Armstrong

Updated 2004-02-29

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