Happy with the operation!

Daphnejane - daphnejane@yahoo.com

I had my tailbones damaged/broken? during the birthing of an 8 lb. baby. I put up with the agony for 6 years till I couldn't stand it anymore. The orthopedic doctor first tried a cortisone shot into the area which was painful but did give limited relief for about 6 weeks. Given the pain of the shot, the fact that it didn't last long, and that exposure to steroids for long periods is not good, I declined more of those. I did tell them if they didn't stop the pain I was going off the bridge!

So I had all the tailbones amputated and the doctor said I was the worst case of bursitis he had ever seen. I was his 12th tail amputation. It was done in a hospital under general anesthesia. He did file down the remaining spine stub so it wouldn't "poke" into flesh when I sat down. They asked me the next day if I wanted to go home and I said I would prefer to go home the third day, and it was done.

I don't remember how long I was "laid up" because it was many years ago but I am SO PLEASED with the results. I can sit for about 2 hours before it starts to "ding", and then I only have to get up and move about for a bit and its better. I am so very pleased with the results.

Updated 2004-12-12

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