Coccyx pain caused by surgery?

Sheri -

My mother (will be 75 years old this June) had colon/rectal surgery done over a year ago. They removed nine inches of diverticulitis and a cancerous tumor located between the rectum and tail bone. They didn't send her for radiation or chemo treatments afterwards and all tests came back clean after they removed the temporary colostomy bag.

After her surgery she immediately started feeling pain in her tail bone, and the pain has only increased as time goes by. Because of her complaints of severe pain in that area they recently sent her for another colonoscopy (on 25 November 2003) as well as an MRI, CT and an X-ray and found nothing! She continued to complain of severe pain so they sent her for a sigmoidoscopy. Their findings from the sigmoidoscopy on 27 January 2004 showed another cancerous tumor in the exact same spot as the previous one; which is once again leaning on her coccyx. Now they are blaming her coccyx pain on this second tumor. Like Mom said, she started having the tail bone pain when they removed the first tumor why on earth would they think this 2nd tumor is causing her coccyx pain?

Another Doctor speculated that her source of cancer might be coming from that tail bone, which I suppose is always a possibility. She has now decided to see a doctor who is affiliated with Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. He has scheduled a PET Scan and MRI on February 27th which should target where any cancer cells exist in her entire body. The doctor claims this particular MRI will also target the coccyx bone to see if this is in fact the source of her cancer. I'm not certain if these tests will also show a damaged coccyx due to her previous surgery. I've also suggested to Mom that she see her orthopedic surgeon and have him run tests on her tail bone as well.

If anyone has had a similar experience, could you please explain to me what they determined to be the actual cause of your coccyx pain? And if they admitted that the tail bone was indeed damaged during your surgery? Our family would truly appreciate any information you could provide. Mom lives with daily pain. I have to wonder if during her first surgery they might have somehow damaged the tail bone (coccyx) and this damaged area is just not showing up in any of these tests.

I look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible. Please email me with any information you might have regarding my mother's condition.

Thank you,  Sheri

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Updated 2004-02-22

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