Miracles do happen!


First of all, I want to thank you for this wonderful website. I am a 45 year old female, who up until 5 years ago, considered myself to be extremely fit and healthy. The only physical pain I had ever endured was child birth, and as you've heard, it is soon forgotten. I would like to give you a history of my condition so that I may arrive at the "miracle" portion of my story, and not bore you with too many unnecessary details.

1998 Started experiencing a burning pain in my shoulders, eventually accompanied by numbness in my hand and foot. Became very bothersome as I was a higher level tournament tennis player

1999 Surgery in March to remove a 'bulge" at C5/C6 and replace with a bone plug and titanium screws. Advised by a neurosurgeon, neurologist and orthopedic surgeon in a major medical center. 6 week recovery. Playing tennis again in 2 months. Felt "twinge" in my lower back in May, which totally crippled me for 2 weeks. Decided it would get better eventually, I hoped. Neck did not bother me anymore.

2000-2003 Suffered with severe sciatica and low back pain since incident in 1999. Had become a "vegetable" due to fear of further injury and pain. Took up Yoga at the local YMCA in October of 2002 thinking this would help me. It actually did help me mentally and made me feel as if I could still do something physical. I had long since stopped all tennis. I even started some light weight work. NOTE: I had also gained 25 pounds since 1998. In May of 2003, I started noticing a sharp, burning pain in my tail bone upon sitting. At first I thought it was from my riding lawn mower, so I stopped mowing my lawn. (I wore a back brace when on the lawn mower already). It still did not go away, but got worse. I then stopped all Yoga , thinking it might be that. I still had pain, and it even got worse. From May 2003 until one week ago, I did not have more than 4 pain free days. I no longer even noticed the sciatica because it felt as if someone was sticking a flaming sword in my bottom upon sitting. Driving was unbearable, working at my desk was awful, sitting anywhere for more than 10 minutes was a major issue. I stopped travelling, going to movies and avoided life as I had known it.

I started seeing myself as "old" and "disabled".

The following is a list of the ways I have tried to solve the coccyx pain for the past 10 months:

I will admit that I have not had a MRI or any other radiological exam for the problem. I have always felt like they would probably find another bulging disc and I will not have lower back surgery for a variety of reasons. My ex husband is a well respected neuroradiologist, and even he was clueless about the coccyx issues.

Now for the "miracle". I have been reading on this website for several months now. I happened upon the comments by a young lady regarding the book by John E. Sarno called "Healing Back Pain, The Mind-Body Connection." For some reason, I decided to purchase the book after reading some other testimonials on the web. I am here to tell you that since reading the book and practising the technique on Tuesday, February 17 2003, I have not had an incident of coccyx pain that I could not overcome within 5 minutes using Dr. Sarno's advice. I will not attempt to describe Dr. Sarno's research to you other than to tell you the following: I fit his description of the back pain candidate perfectly. Perfectionistic and compulsive, I had experienced the loss of my brother and beloved grandmother all in the fall of 1998 just before my first back issue. It was an extremely stressful time and apparently I had stuffed it all "into my back" until it literally became a 'pain in the ass"!. Basically, my subconscious was sending pain signals to distract me from my more painful emotional pains.

I do know that each person is different. But I HIGHLY recommend this book and other research like it to those of you who are led in this direction. I must warn you that it is of importance that you are open to the idea that our mind (conscious and sub conscious) has the ability to control the physical aspects of what we experience. I believe that I had reached a point of desperation and hopelessness and that this book and my Christian faith have given me the tools to heal at last. It has only been 6 days, but I can tell you that I am like a giddy youngster set free to play at last. I played 2 hours of tennis on Saturday, and feel great!. I am sitting here at my desk at work, praying that you too may find relief from your pain. Please feel free to email me if I can by of support or assistance. I will update you on my condition, so that you will know that the pain can go away.


Updated 2004-02-29

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