Mysterious tailbone pain

Brent Jones -

Yesterday morning I woke up and the moment I tried to get out of bed I noticed a very odd, however very slight pain in my tailbone. It didn't really hurt much at all, and I didn't really think much of it. Then throughout the day, every time I sat down or stood up, I noticed the pain gradually growing stronger. I haven't injured my tailbone in anyway anytime recently (only time ever in my life was maybe when I was maybe 8, and it was nothing major, never had a problem with it since).

All day it just hurt, and was driving me crazy as I could not understand what would cause this. I checked in the mirror today, and can actually see a red line down my crack. I am completely befuddled as I stated, I haven't injured it at all! How could something like this just happen by itself?

I started thinking maybe my girlfriend had accidentally kneed me while we slept, but have eliminated that, as I'm sure it would of woke me immediately, being as tender as it is. I don't play sports, I don't do yoga or ride horses; I'm a professional gambler who spends most of his time in a chair on the internet :)

If anyone has any ideas what could cause such a thing, I'd appreciate some insight. I've reviewed several experiences which were similar to mine, but still left with many unanswered questions; including the most important question: what can I do to relieve this pain?!?! I've tried aspirin and tylenol, nothing seems to put a damper on this pain. :(

Updated 2004-05-09

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