Has anyone else used Neurontin for pain?


I have suffered with coccydynia for a couple of years and have found only relief in taking pain pills. I've been through the gambit of all sorts of treatments, you name it, I've done it with no reduction in pain. I don't want to go through the surgery for removal, so I'm trying everything else that me or my Doctor can think of. Last week my Doctor started me on Neurontin (900 mg per day) and my pain level has dropped to about 0 - 2 (scale of 10). Most of the time its just a small discomfort.

My question for everyone is, has anyone else used Neurontin for pain, how much and are you still taking it and has anyone been able to stop taking after a period of time and still remain pain free or are you still taking it?

It has certainly helped me and so far and I've had no side effects in taking it. My Doctor told me that I could go up to 2800 mg per day if my system could handle it, but 900 mg seems to do the trick although, I may try 1200 mg per day to see if the pain stops altogether. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Rusty Nida

Updated 2004-01-04

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