My Odyssey into Dante's Inferno

Lisa -

Dear Jon:

This is not your typical 'Dear Jon' letter

Hello and thank you for this nice and helpful web site.

I do not want to bore you with a lengthy history but I need 'redemption'

I will give you the basics:

Age: 39 and holding

CEO/ Mother/ and OVER achiever

Fell 26 years ago landed, yep you guessed it, on my, yes square on my tail bone (concrete metal pie shaped step landed right at tip of last step)

Broke according to x-ray a week later

No treatment and No sit ups for 12 years

Slowly improved... Not much trouble for several years.


The Nightmare began 14 months ago


I don't really remember a land mark event that began this odyssey into Dante's' Inferno, it just began to hurt...

And hurt...

ANd hurt...

AND hurt...

AND Hurt...

AND HUrt...



OH did I happen to mention The PAIN?!

What a pain in the, odyssey.

The best way to describe the tail bone pain is...

Imagine that someone, someone with the strength of Hercules has reached up your rectum, grabbed a hold of your tailbone and has a death grip on it and is crushing it endlessly Great is the feeling that some how something is rotting your tailbone from the inside out and all you want is that something OUT!

Oh the pain is not so bad if you don't mind standing 24 hours a day 7 days a week, or maybe not living at all by staying vertical, like a corpse in bed

But, hey dare to live a little try to sit for 5 minutes, or better yet TRY TO STAND UP after sitting!

Now that's what I call FUN. Why that's funnier than a jalapeno enema when you've got inflamed hemorrhoids at a Texas chili eating contest.

Then there is the ever popular, "I'm trapped in an airplane for a 5 hour business flight", pass the rum and coke, pass on the coke, just bring me the rum and tissue because I am hysterical with pain, sobbing next to my business partner.. Too bad they don't allow sharp objects on planes any more, because I would have performed my own coccygectomy.

In the last 14 months I've tried:

The only thing that's been ectomey is my money... And my Dignity ... and My LIFE I think that pain is very universal to humans, but conversely very unshareable. The only way to convey pain is with words or if you are lucky enough to have insightful people around to read your eyes or body language. Sadly there are not too many people that care to look into our heart and see the pain, oh is so 'safe to believe that nothing could truly hurt as much as some things can, and do. Unfortunately, many in the medical profession, suffering from either chronic DEAFNESS or fear of facing the inability's of either there knowledge and blame the patient pain on sitting too much, even though I hardly sit because IT HURTS TOO MUCH. (I wonder who I was talking to when I just gave you my case history, an invisible Doctor, because you sure were not listing Doc)

My saving grace has been the nice naturalpath that is my friend for 5 years that believes me. He ordered a MRI didn't show much except sclerosis in SI joint / deformed where broken years ago and a vertebrate that is out in sacrum. He did a digital examine and found that it is way hooked more that should be and significantly veers off to the left. He is a wonderful doctor, but he does not know how to help me, he has tried.

Is a coccygectomy a helpful operation for people with this, I want an expert to help me. I live near Portland Oregon, but I could go to California if I have to... as long as I don't have to sit to get there!!!

Thank you for all your help


Updated 2004-05-30

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