Pain, but don't know how it happened

Mandi -

I am so thankful that I found this website. I have been suffering with non-stop tailbone pain for almost two years. I delivered a set of twins twelve weeks early by cesarian section. They only weighed two pounds each. They are fine now. Anyway, I did not injure my tailbone until about four months after I had given birth. I don't remember hitting it or falling or anything! One day, I bent over without bending my knees to pick something up off of the floor and I felt a painful stretching sensation. It hurt! I went to the doctor and my tailbone was split on the tip. How could this happen without a forceful injury??

I am still in pain. I am a dance teacher and a mother and wife. There is no way I can take to the bed for weeks to properly heal. The only thing that takes away the pain for hours at a time is Vioxx. Thankfully, this doesn't tear up my stomach, but the medicine is expensive. I just hate to fathom having to bear this pain for a lifetime!


Updated 2004-02-19

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