Epidural fractured coccyx?

Lori - PEACHESICU@aol.com

I received an epidural shot for sciatica pain. During the shot the fluid being put in came out and ran down my tushy. That happened last July 2003. Since then I've been telling everyone about the pain.

The pain management Doctor who gave me the shot said," We will have to wait until your pain from the shot stops before I can do anything else for you." So I was sent back to my Primary Care Doctor who once again sent me to the Orthopedic Surgeon whom refereed me to the pain management Doctor. After waiting for all the red tape and begging for something to be done I came out and asked the Surgeon for an X-ray of my tail bone. Though he said it would most likely not show any problem as I have a degenerative spinal disorder (?). But he say OK go get the X-ray. Well, it is now March 2004 and the X-ray shows I have a fractured coccyx. The bone is fractured about a half of an inch from the end of the coccyx and at that spot it pushes out about a quarter inch. I've been told to just not sit as much as possible and when I do to use a donut cushion.

What I want to really know is this: Did the epidermal shot given to me (in haste I might add and was the second one I'd received in a series of which were to be three) fracture my tail bone?

Is it possible for an epidermal shot when given to cause this damage? I am sure that is what happened. Thank you for any information you can give.


Note from Jon Miles:

According to the doctors who specialise in this condtion, a diagnosis of a fractured coccyx is almost always wrong. Medical textbooks wrongly say that the coccyx is fused into a single bone, but in fact it is normally two or three bones. A fall can cause a dislocation between them, and when a doctor who is not experienced in this area sees separate pieces on the x-ray, at an angle to each other, he or she assumes there must be a fracture.

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Updated 2004-03-14

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