Coccyx injury from dirtbike

Amanda -

My fiance was out riding his dirt bike, just cruising around a track in the bush. He went over a small rise in the road and when he went to put his bum back on the seat, the seat came up too fast and caused some discomfort. He thought he had just bruised something so did nothing until 6 months later when the pain started to increase, especially after sitting for long periods. We just had an x-ray done which shows the last knuckle of his tail bone is floating around and has moved deeper towards his anal passage. The second last knuckle seems to just be hanging by a corner.

His local doctor said if he is in pain he should get it removed. Lately he's been getting bad diarrhea and stomach cramps - he thinks the loose bone is getting in the way of his bowel movements, which from what I've read at seems highly likely.

After seeing the specialist today he is not very happy - the specialist seems to think the pain is coming from his lower back and not the coccyx and is refusing to remove the broken and freely moving piece of tail bone. He has been sent off for x-rays and CTs of his lower back but it is obvious even to me that his coccyx is definitely causing him pain - you can see it in his face when he sits and stands. If anyone would like to see an image of his x-ray simply send us an email.

We will update you all on the latest developments. Feel free to email us any and all advice, especially for dealing with doctors who refuse to accept a patient in pain.

Updated 2004-08-22

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