Spina bifida baby?

RoxAnn - RMMishler@aol.com

My story is that I finally ended up at a bone specialist, he is a trauma doctor. I was recommended to him by my own doctor. This specialist said that I was a spina bifida baby. I asked my mother, who then stayed 10 days in the hospital, says she doesn't think so. She said she might have noticed some stitches or scar or something then, but hadn't. She says she doesn't think I was. But this guy seems to think so, he says I need to get my coccyx snipped off.

He gave me one shot of cortisone, said that he wouldn't give me anymore, that I needed the surgery. I sleep at a group home for a living. Would I need to take much time, if any, off from work? I like to work and enjoy my job. My job doesn't require I do physical work.

I can feel the tip of the tail bone through a very thin piece of skin, it feels as if it is as big as a good size walnut. This area I speak of is about 1 1/2 inches above the rectum. Is this a normal spot to be? Plus where I can feel the tail bone through the skin, this area is indented about an eighth of an inch or so, like a hole too, but there is the thin skin I talked about earlier.

I would like some kind of feed back on this if at all possible. I am scared to have the surgery, I don't want to have to take time off from work.

Thanks. RoxAnn

Updated 2004-12-19

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