Coccydynia plus a sore on the back

Deb Smith -

From reading the stories I realise I am only a fledgling as I have only been suffering since January 2004. It is nice to know that I am not alone.

My story - In January I was painting my son's bedroom and fell backwards from the ladder and impaled myself on a metal spoke of a chair. After spending some time trying to get my breath back, realised I was in extreme pain whenever I tried to move. My husband took me to casualty where they said I had probably broken it but they did not take X-rays as there was no point. I was sent home with NSAIDs and pain killers which I have been on ever since. The first 4 weeks were excruciating – I was only slightly comfortable in a horizontal or vertical position – anything else was not worth thinking about. After that I managed to get to the chiropractors. Not sure it had any effect on my coccyx although by that time I also had lower back pain from being in strange positions.

I was off work for 7 weeks and then had to go back a little at a time. In April I paid to see a consultant but once he realised I did not have private medical insurance he didn't want to know. He referred me to see him on the NHS which he expected would be a month or 2 waiting. I have just had my appointment last week!!! The consultant I had seen privately was on long-term sick and so I was seen by another consultant. I had x-rays this time and they clearly showed that the tail end of my coccyx was in the wrong position (it was bent upward at 90 degrees).

The consultant suggested a steroid injection but then discovered that I had a very sore red patch at the bottom of my back. I hadn't realised I had this. He could not therefore do the steroid injection for fear of transferring any infection internally and has referred me to a dermatologist (another long wait!!!). When speaking to someone at work whose mother has recently been ill and in bed a lot, she has the same sore and I think it may be a type of bedsore. I am back at work full-time (sometimes coping sometimes not), have a special chair and sit on a doughnut ring with lots of other pillows behind my back. Usually by the time I get home all I can do is go to bed. If I have to drive anywhere I use a wedge pillow with the cut out at the back. This is not as comfortable as the doughnut but cannot use the doughnut in the car as it makes me too high. If I have to drive any distance by the time I get there find it difficult to get out the car.

I don't have a life any more. Cannot do the things like going to the pictures or do things with the kids. I would love to hear from any fellow suffers, particularly if you could help me with the following:

  1. Has anyone else suffered from sores on the back and what helped?
  2. Has anyone else got a bent tail bone and how was it treated. Personally I cannot see how steroid injections can help?
  3. Does anyone use anything other than NSAIDs and pain killers. I am a bit concerned at the amount of co-codomel I take plus which I have had bouts of constipation which I think is a side effect.

Would love to hear any words of wisdom from anyone.

Deb Smith

Coventry, UK

Updated 2004-09-26

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