Pain, spasms and a hammer

Victoria -

For at least 15 years I've suffered from constant lower back pain and tension and burning in my buttocks which was at times unbearable - spasms and tightness, burning down my legs, etc. I actually bought a hammer to pound the buttocks and hamstrings, which provides temporary relief at times. Massage, Aspirin and Valium did/do nothing.

Then, last summer, after a 12 hour flight from Paris back to California, I had severe tailbone pain. I sat most of the flight leaning forward with my head on the tray, the pillow under my buttocks. It was embarrassing, but I didn't care. It was my 20th trans-Atlantic flight and the first time I'd had this localized tailbone pain. For the next 4-5 days I couldn't sit - had to be driven everywhere while lying on my stomach in the back seat of the car. It didn't occur to me to ever mention this pain to my doctors over the years as I thought it was just tension and I should just "relax" or meditate or something.

Now the pain is back with a vengeance, and localized on the tailbone. Sitting and lying down are painful. It just hurts all the time. I take Vicodin for an unrelated condition and it doesn't seem to help either. I assume that since I'm 50 years old, this pain may be worse now due to age and possible (probable?) arthritis. I bought a Tempurpedic mattress and electric bed adjuster frame which will be delivered in 8 weeks. I look forward to it. I will also contact my doctor for x-rays and mention the spasms and tailbone pain to him for the first time.

At age 15 I suffered a horrific fall from my horse (was racing bareback, stopped suddenly, flew into the air, somersaulted and landed on hard dirt (like cement) on my rear end) I don't remember being too sore after that and never told my parents as they would have freaked out at the idea of racing bareback and constantly jumping my horse bareback, etc.

I'm so glad to find this site and realize there are others with the same type of pain. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Meanwhile, my planned trip back to Europe is on indefinite hold as I can't sit for more than 10 minutes or so.


Updated 2004-05-09

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