Wheelchair-bound with coccyx at 90 degree angle caused by a fall

Lisa - blessedbeallcreation@yahoo.com

Hi my name is Lisa. Boy I did not know there were so many of us out there!!

I am 38 years young and have been wheelchair-bound for the past three and a half years due to a genetic disorder. Easter 2003 I fell from my chair and landed directly onto the metal post that supports the footrest to my chair, fracturing my tailbone. At this point we did not have x-rays for confirmation, only the pain and the physical given to me by my doctor who said, "Yep it's broken. It's pushed way back there isn't it?"

Needless to say, I agreed. I lived with the pain until February 4 2004. For me, surgery was the answer. I did have a 5 segmented coccyx as shown in one of the pictures on this site. My 90 degree angle coccyx was ONE MILLIMETER from puncturing my colon! For me, the relief was immediate. The very next day the pain was less than before even with my wheelchair-bound condition.

It is now the 2nd of April and I'm happy to say the pain continues to decrease. I thank God for getting me the help that I needed before it got any worse.

Blessings to all and prayers for relief from your pain.

Updated 2004-04-04

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