I'm 95% cured finally!!

Jeanne - jeannethomas@ev1.net

I injured my tailbone 8 months ago on my kids trampoline!! I was landing on my bottom and bouncing back up to my feet about 30 times. After that I couldn't hardly sit without a pillow under my bottom, horrible pain!!

I tried a chiropractor for 2 months and it didn't help; she did say it probably was nerves coming from my tailbone area, not the actual crack in the tailbone (as I thought it was, because the tailbone hurt so bad).

I had bought my mother a gift certificate for a massage, which she didn't want to do because of her age, so she gave it to me. So, when I got my massage the lady asked me if I wanted a relaxation massage or work all my muscles? So, she worked all my muscles and I told her my tailbone/lower back really bother me and she really WORKED my muscles hard down there , it actually hurt at the time, she pressed so hard into the sides of my buttocks on specific muscles.

Well, the next morning I could hardly walk, all my muscles were so sore, she really gave me a workover. BUT, IT WORKED!! I can actually sit without pain!!! I had felt a little pain in my lower back the next day, like the nerves moved up, but now that's gone.

I hope this may help someone out; because I know how bad it hurts to sit!

PS I did find a good website of a Dr. Renney out of Houston, Texas who I was fixing to make an appointment with.. He sounded like he really understood and was an expert on tailbone pain caused by pudendal nerve entrapment. It said he was trained from the top expert in France.

Updated 2004-08-08

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