Whiplash injury and coccydynia

Tracey S (UK)

I have to say that I am so reassured to read other stories about whiplash injury and subsequent coccydynia (coccyx pain) that I wanted to add my own story.

Over 3 years ago I was driving along when from out of nowhere I was hit from the side in a car accident. I suffered whiplash mainly neck and lower back pain. The 3rd party admitted being at fault for the accident and I was treated by a private physiotherapist that the 3rd party paid for. As the upper back and neck pain was relieved by the treatment I started to develop intense lower back pain, the pain became worse when seated for more than about 20 mins but was nothing compared to the pain when I decided I was going to stand up. This was unbearable.

I was sent to see a consultant who diagnosed coccydynia and suggested that it was as a direct result of the accident. However the 3rd party's insurance are now disputing that coccydynia is caused by whiplash, so I was reassured to find 3 other articles/stories here that are about whiplash and coccydynia.

3 years on my symptoms have settled a little, although I can still not sit in one position for more than about an hour without being in pain, and I always dread trying to stand up afterwards.

I wanted to say thank you for those who have shared their stories. You have helped me feel like I am not alone.

Updated 2004-06-13

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