Pain patches don't work so well any more

Bruce Ashmore -

Just came upon your site and want to say thank you, because everyone I talk to thinks I'm nuts. I broke my tailbone (literally broke the bone it has a crack vertically up the last segment of the coccyx) and dislocated it. This is what doctors say. This happened in 1996 and since I have been living with extreme pain and discomfort.

I have had physical therapy, ultrasound, whirlpool, tens, mens, corticosteroid injections and seen a chiropractor. Nothing has helped. Two years ago I had a doctor prescribe a pain patch duragesic. When I first starting using it I was relieved of almost all the pain. What I big relief it was. But now I'm up to 100 mg patch and tramadol for pain. I sit very little just to drive to and from work.

Just good to know that there are other people out there that know the same problems. Also seen more doctors than I can count and all state that removing the tailbone is not a good solution and normal have bad results.

Does anyone know anyone near Chicago area that knows anything good about coccyx?

Bruce Ashmore

Updated 2004-03-28

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