I can't even get out of the car


Been reading the site with interest.....

I've had coccyx pain for about 3 months to a point where I can't even get out of the car. I have no physical disability & I'm 30 so no other reason for it. I'm showing classic signs of coccydynia - acute pain on standing, repositioning myself on sitting, but fine when I'm up & about. I have had no trauma nor any injury to it, it just appeared.

Mentioned it to doctor who didn't bat an eyelid, but then I've been back & two repeatedly for about 2 years with bowel problems which they put down to IBS & stress. Saw another doctor a couple of weeks back & have been referred immediately to a consultant.

Seems odd that the doctor hasn't picked up on painful coccyx considering a 2 year spell of "IBS" and a previous diagnosis 3 years ago of ovarian cysts, which were small at that point but god knows what like now!

My employers doctors are putting their hoof in now to get me seen by a consultant quicker, I know others aren't so fortunate though & I sympathise!

Will let you know how I get on!

Updated 2004-05-23

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