Relief given by manual massage of the rectal muscles

Dianne -

My Background: registered nurse - levator ani syndrome/coccygodynia (considered by pain management physicians to be one in the same), suffered from levator ani spasms for over 2 years.

I researched for hours, read about the muscle group including the levator ani -- Please hear me out. I want so much for others to find this relief like I have. I know how your life has changed. (Me too). What has made the biggest difference for me is manual massage of the rectal muscles, YES, I stuck my finger up my BUTT!! It feels good after what I've been through. My pain management physician instructed me in the proper technique. Why didn't she suggest this??

I found great relief from using Vaseline and my gloved finger to find my sore spots. It is soo comforting! I stretched those muscles just inside my rectum and they relaxed. I still occasionally have the nerve pain around my coccyx but I swear the rectal area pain was the worst. Heat was better than ice.

Meds: Keppra, ibuprophen

Updated 2004-08-08

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