Problems sitting due to pain of my tailbone

Amy -

Original posting, 2004-05-09:

Over the past year I have been having excessive problems sitting comfortably due to pain of my tailbone. This website is definitely informative and has helped me understand more about what I am going through (and it sure helps that I can relate to others as well).

I sit 40-60 hours/week on my computer, full time in the office, and also at home (I work quite a few hours). I also have recently lost about 20 lbs, but I have had this problem previous to the weight loss. I don't recall injuring myself, and have had a child, but she is 7 now, so I don't think that childbirth could be the root of my problem (although I have read that it could be but wasn't irritated until the past year or so). I do not have a "meaty" behind, which I have also read can contribute (ha ha).

I have been to the doctor and apparently the x-ray didn't reveal anything, and now they are requesting I go in for a bone scan. I am curious to know what this will do for me, if it is worth it, and how the procedure works. I am not exactly loving the examinations and such and would like this to end, but due to an allergy to Naproxen, anti-inflammatories are out of the question so nothing really helps me.

I found two points on this website interesting, the one referring to sitting on a barely-deflated shoulder cushion instead of a "donut" and the other relating to self-adjustments. Has any of these items worked for anyone and does anyone have any further thoughts of advice?

Also, any thoughts on my previous question re: the bone scan would be appreciated as well.

Thanks so much and Warmest Regards,

Amy ;)

Update, 2004-05-30:

Hi there!

I just wanted to add a couple points as well as to say thanks to those who responded to my previous is much appreciated and very helpful. Unfortunately my tailbone pain has now gotten much worse and is hurting sometimes even when walking or standing, and most definitely when running or jogging.

The bone scan apparently revealed nothing because my doctor hasn't called me (considering I have called and spoken with her nurse a few times about how painful this is and spoken with doc in person) but I expected that to be the case. My doc doesn't seem very interested, but I am in Canada and a large percentage of doctors in Canada don't treat their patients like US doctors do, but that is another story. Anyways, the bone scan went well and was not painful at all, just a little inconvenient, but did not cause discomfort.

I have a couple questions for anyone, and I am very curious about these items. I have seen some people on this site mention bowel issues as well as sciatica. I have had bowel problems (nothing major, just mild IBS and possible inability to digest gluten) and I was curious if there is any relation to bowel issues and tailbone pain. Additionally, when I was pregnant I had sciatica, but that was only for a few months (once she flipped over it was okay) and I haven't felt anything like it since. Is there a possible correlation with this ailment as well?

Thanks again everyone!!!!!!!!!!


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