Physiotherapy treatment for coccydynia

Carmel -

I have just finished about 4 months of physiotherapy treatment for coccydinia. It all started about three months after the birth of my daughter. I was in slow labour for about a week which put great pressure on the coccyx, and I finally had to have an emergency caesarian. The pain got progressively worse until after about a month I could not sit down at all.

After a visit to my GP I was referred for an x-ray but told that the procedure has recently changed so that a female of childbearing age may not have an x-ray of the coccyx.

After returning to my GP I was referred for physio to see if this would help. I have to say that I was some what sceptical when I was told that they would treat me with various exercise routines and ultra sound.

After the first few rather embarrassing sessions of ultra-sound on my coccyx the pain started to recede and the exercises were introduced. I had to pay great attention to my posture and sit on upright chairs only for many weeks, but at least I was getting to the point where I could sit at all!

Four months down the line and I have been able to stop having the ultra sound, I'm off painkillers, (of which at one point I was on constantly) I still have my off days where it is uncomfortable, but to be truthful it's when I've neglected my posture and exercises.

I thank my lucky stars that I haven't had to resort to surgery, and hope that my story will perhaps show there are steps you can take which may mean some people also can avoid surgery.

Updated 2004-05-16

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